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Lately I’ve been inspired by plants and gardens. Here are some botanical sketches I’ve done in the past few weeks! I’m always experimenting in my sketchbook and digitally when I can.

Circus Portrait

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First of all, happy new year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I’ve been missing for some time now only because I was finishing up my last semester at California College of the Arts working on my thesis project. Now that I am officially done I get to start all over again and make new work.

A week before Xmas a friend of mine called me up for some commissioned work for a Xmas gift to his girlfriend. I couldn’t pass up a fun and rad project so I agreed to do it. (The scale of this thing is outside my comfort zone so it was kind of nice to work huge for the first time in a long time! The final product is 24″x30.”

I am sharing my process just so you can get an idea of how I work.

Here is a collage of the final sketch. I started drawing one thing on a piece of paper but it didn't work out. So, I took some scissors cut out a few things and arranged the objects until I was satisfied.

I started to paint one subject, detailing it to completion and moved on to another subject

Some detailing up close. I lay down a warm wash before adding other colors in, just to unify everything together.

TAH DAH! Complete.

Crog Habitat watercolor process

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Yay! So I finally finished my final. Crogs in their natural habitat some place in Asia (hopping around through rice fields). It took a while but in the end I was pretty happy. Now I can zzzz tonight. This is the kind of stuff I usually do (watercolor work).

Poppy acrylic painting process

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So for the entire month of April at my part time job, I decided to teach flower lessons. They’re going pretty good so far, and I think my students have great dedication. Flowers aren’t the easiest things to paint but I found ways to make it simple. Here, I started to do a rough drawing of what the poppies would look like in space. Then I painted the background first with different kinds of greens, yellows, and blues. The flowers were done by layering different colors on top of each other until there’s a distinct value range. Colors are great but values are more important I think. Anyway, this was a quick study before class which I had a lot of fun doing.

Honey Bee screen printing process

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Hey guys, so here is a screen print that I knocked out a few days ago. The method for this print is called, “reduction” printing. This is when I paint emulsion paste directly on my screen until the desired image gets completely covered with emulsion. Meaning, I cannot go back and make another edition these prints. These will be on sale Saturday at the CCA Oakland campus!

Hibiscus acrylic painting process

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Here is my process of how to break down a painting in less than two hours. I start with a loose pen & ink sketch then with acrylics, block in obvious shapes to get my values in. I repeat the process until finished. This particular painting was done for the fine arts class I teach on Fridays.

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