Lake Chabot Painting

July 3rd, 2012 § 0 comments

Hi guys, so I’ve been missing for two weeks. I promise to update more this month. I’ve been enjoying my summer and also working out a lot (physical fitness) that there was an imbalance with art making. Gotta find that balance! Anyway a few days ago I had a twelve year old student who pretty much mastered earth tones in just three hours! We were close to finishing however didn’t get to add in the final touches. I encouraged my student to finish the painting when she got home. I’m so proud of her. We painted the beautiful Lake Chabot located here in the Bay Area, Hayward. I took some photographs of the place and will update you with the ones I took! Keep an eye out for many more updates! Paintings in order:

1. Anna Lorraine
2. Simran (age 12)

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