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Lately I’ve been inspired by plants and gardens. Here are some botanical sketches I’ve done in the past few weeks! I’m always experimenting in my sketchbook and digitally when I can.

Mosey’s Mid Riff

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I was fortunate to be asked to join my friends from Mosey at an event in San Francisco called the microhood Mid Riff party (hosted by The Bold Italic and Blick’s). From what I understand it’s a celebration of local businesses in the certain areas in San Francisco featuring restaurants, small shops, and galleries! This year the microhood Mid Riff party set up shop on Market Street. I had a blast and I hope I can show more of my work at one of these parties! Mosey situated themselves in a cute little gallery called Satellite 66. I had the pleasure of helping Audrey Ma and her team beautify the space. Here are some photos courtesy of Audrey of the event. Super fun!

I got in Society of Illustrators!

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It’s Valentines day. The day where everyone says I love you to the person they care about and shower them with thoughtful things they adore. It’s also the day that I got into the most prestigious competition and walked away a winner, twice! It’s very humbling and at the same time mind blowing. No words can express this feeling.

White American Bulldog

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I’m working on another commission of my friend’s dog and her daughter. Here I did some quick sketches of her dog which I spent roughly 2-5 minutes each just to get a feel of how this dog moves and how it’ll look in the final piece! I like sketching, super fun!

Experimenting with digital media.

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So I was given the advice to do more experimentation with the traditional ways of working. I found a lot of fun manipulating my work through a kaleidoscope tool. Here are some interesting images I made with old and recent art.

Circus Portrait

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First of all, happy new year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I’ve been missing for some time now only because I was finishing up my last semester at California College of the Arts working on my thesis project. Now that I am officially done I get to start all over again and make new work.

A week before Xmas a friend of mine called me up for some commissioned work for a Xmas gift to his girlfriend. I couldn’t pass up a fun and rad project so I agreed to do it. (The scale of this thing is outside my comfort zone so it was kind of nice to work huge for the first time in a long time! The final product is 24″x30.”

I am sharing my process just so you can get an idea of how I work.

Here is a collage of the final sketch. I started drawing one thing on a piece of paper but it didn't work out. So, I took some scissors cut out a few things and arranged the objects until I was satisfied.

I started to paint one subject, detailing it to completion and moved on to another subject

Some detailing up close. I lay down a warm wash before adding other colors in, just to unify everything together.

TAH DAH! Complete.


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Happy September everyone! I hope you all had a great summer break (for those who are going back to school anyway). I took a mini vacation to New York and was inspired by a lot of ‘things’ when I was over there. I want to start a project when I get outta school. I want to make small coffee table books about random ‘things’ drawn up. There are going to be themes…kind of like a catalog of the same things over and over just different types of them.  It’s a pretty minimalistic idea but I think it’s gonna be a good project. These are just some samples I did quickly on the go (waiting outside a record store or riding on the plane, etc). Can’t wait!


A long vacation away from what I do, normally.

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I’ve literally been gone for a whole month. I wanted an escape. For what reason? I needed to break away from what I normally do. You gotta get out there and explore, something is bound to inspire you. Nature, the ground we walk on, and life inspired my mind for an entire month. Everyday I wanted to paint but I knew it wasn’t a good time yet. So for weeks I’ve been watching what I ate and exercised so I could handle the elements. I love it. I am obsessed with the outdoors.

Bruiser the Pup

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Hi guys, so I’ve been doing a few sketches of this little guy while his owner goes to work. He is such a sweetheart, his name is Bruiser! He is about 3 months old now and is getting bigger everyday! I’ll document his growth by drawing him. I love this baby pit bull!

Lake Chabot Painting

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Hi guys, so I’ve been missing for two weeks. I promise to update more this month. I’ve been enjoying my summer and also working out a lot (physical fitness) that there was an imbalance with art making. Gotta find that balance! Anyway a few days ago I had a twelve year old student who pretty much mastered earth tones in just three hours! We were close to finishing however didn’t get to add in the final touches. I encouraged my student to finish the painting when she got home. I’m so proud of her. We painted the beautiful Lake Chabot located here in the Bay Area, Hayward. I took some photographs of the place and will update you with the ones I took! Keep an eye out for many more updates! Paintings in order:

1. Anna Lorraine
2. Simran (age 12)